Monday, May 12, 2014


At the main building of the United Nations in New York, Today Monday, May 12th 2014, the 13th Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues  Began under the title of " Principles of good governance consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples", with a wide participation of representatives of indigenous peoples around the world and representatives of all world countries, and the members in United Nations, In addition to representatives of international & global organizations, where the forum was opened by the attendance of UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Who gave a speech in which he highlighted the most prominent achieved so far, since the launch of the first forum of indigenous peoples and the mechanics of the work, the way up to UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the forthcoming international conference of indigenous peoples.

Where the Assyrian Aid Society of Iraq is participating in the work of this forum represented by Ms. Shoushan Tawer, Ms. Mona Malik and Miss Nora Michael, it is hoped that the delegation of the Assyrian American National Federation will also participates in the forum, which will continue until May 23rd 2014, and addresses many of the issues of indigenous peoples around the world.