Saturday, March 31, 2012


By the sponsorship of the Assyrian Aid Society, the Chaldoassyrian Youth & Students Union held Narsai David's sixth Championship in Duhok, which was opened on 15 Mar 2012 by the participation of (38) team.

The participating teams went through qualifying all the way to the final match, where the final game was played on 31 Mar 2012 between teams (Banipal from Sarsink and Bnawsha from Dohuk), where Bnawsha won for the second year.

Mr. Ashur Sargon the president of AASI presented the championship trophy to the winning team.


The final championship was attended by each of Mr. Sargon Shabazz member of the AAS of America, and Ms. Joan Jacob and Ms. Shushan Tower from AAS of Australia.

The final was also attended by Mr. Caldo Ramzy, Secretary of Youth Union, and number of Union's members. In addition to Mr. Georges Jacob, Marqos eramia from the Assyrian Democratic Movement, Mr. Sheba Mando president of the Assyrian National Council in Illinois, and also members of the Assyrian Youth Federation of Central Europe, German Youth Association in Europe, and the Assyrian Clubs Federation of Germany, In addition to a number of delegations coming from Diaspora.