Tuesday, November 8, 2011


On Nov 8 2011, The Assyrian Aid Society - Iraq celebrated of twenty years for the establishment of the Assyrian Aid in March 1991, where the event included the speech of Mr. Ashur Sargon the president of the Assyrian Aid Society representing the most prominent activities of the Assyrian Aid Society at the present time and future projects, followed by a speech of Mr. Kanna the member of the Council Representative of Iraq and the General Secretary of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, where Mr Kanna talked about the beginnings of the Assyrian Aid Society and its early founders and since 1991.

The celebration was attended by Mr. Salem Kaku and Dr. Gihan Ismail, members of the list of alrafidain in the parliament of the Kurdistan region, and Mr. Younan Hozaya and Mr. Nizar Hanna, the General Director of the Assyrian Education in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, as well as representatives of the institutions of our people.