Monday, May 18, 2020

Through the campaign “Stay Home #WeAreWithYou”


The Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq completed the implementation of project “Food on the table: Providing assistance to Northern Tel Kayf District” in cooperation with the Iraq Community Resilence Initiative (ICRI) program and funded by USAID, in responding to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Iraq.


Where (2,430) food baskets were distributed from May 13th - 18th 2020, to the families living in Alqosh, Telsqof, Sharafiya, Baqofa, Batnaya and Bozan in the northern part of Nineveh Plain, completing of the distribution of 3,400 food baskets according to the prepared distribution plan.


The Assyrian Aid Society - Iraq has taken all the necessary preventive measures to limit the spread of Corona virus according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and in implementation of the directives and decisions of the government crisis cell in the region, including the preventive measures: preventing gatherings (social distancing) during the distribution and delivery of humanitarian aid to the homes of residents in the targeted areas, and adherence to measures of wearing protective masks and gloves in addition to taking all health and safety measures recommended globally in light of these situations.


This initiative comes within the Society’s initiative to support our people and provide humanitarian assistance. The AASI also hopes to provide possible assistance to all areas of our people’s presence in the future.