Tuesday, July 3, 2018


      In order to discuss the reality of the Syriac education process and the requirements for the next academic year 2018-2019, a meeting was held between Mr. Ashur Sargon Eskrya, President of the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq and the Syriac Education Committee represented by Mr. Emmanuel Daoud, Director of the Syriac Education Department at the Education Directorate of Duhok and the Educational Supervisor the Head of Syriac Curriculum Committee, Mr. Farid Yacoub, Mr. Zia Yokhana, Director of Nissibin high school in Duhok and Ms. Janet Odisho, Principal Director of Bahra Basic school in Semele, on Tuesday, Jul. 3rd  2018.


       The meeting discussed the Syriac education process in the region and ways to improve it through the preparation of general plans to receive the new academic year 2018-2019 and provide all the requirements to cover the expenses and the shortage of staff and teaching materials that support the Syriac education process.