Saturday, August 5, 2017


On Thursday, August 3rd, 2017, Mr. Ashur Eskrya, President of Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq in Sheikhan District, met Mr. Frank R. Wolf, the former member of US House of Representatives and his accompanying delegation. 


The delegation met with the Sheikh of the region and discussed the conditions of Yazidi families living in that area and other areas and the circumstances that have plagued them since the invasion of terrorists of ISIS on Nineveh province and the killing, captivity and displacement of Yezidi families from their areas of residence. The delegation included Mr. Mervyn Thomas, Chief executive at Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Mr. Wael Aleji member at Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Mr. Todd Chasteen, Chief Legal Officer at Samaritan's Purse, Mr. Matthew Nowery, Country Director in Northern Iraq at Samaritan's Purse, and Mr. Gavin Gramstad of Brimley, the meeting was also attended by Mr. Shiba Mando, President of the Assyrian National Council in Illinois, USA and Mr. Ashur Apram. The delegation then visited the Khannis site, where they were briefed on the Assyrian ruins that date back over 3500 years ago. On the same day, the delegation visited the Odrana Camp in Shiyoz village to take a look on the condition of the displaced people in the camp, the delegation also went to visit the hill that witnessed the massacre of Semel, which took place on the people of our Assyrian people in 1933 and they prayed for the souls of the martyrs who fell in the massacre, and then the delegation, at the headquarters of AASI met with the Assyrian Women Union represented by Mrs. Bahija Nisho, secretary of the Union, accompanying with members of the Women's Union, with attendance of president of the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq  Mr. Ashur Eskrya, and AASI' board members.


On Friday, Aug. 4th 2017, the delegation visited the ChaldoAssyrian Students & Youth Union, in the presence of Ms. Aileen Gorges, Secretary of the Union with attendance of executive members of the Union. The delegation then visited the Assyrian Cultural Center represented by Mr. Senwar Daniel, President of the Center and a number of its members. During this visit, the delegation was briefed on the reality that our people live in the Nineveh plain and the Kurdistan region and ways to overcome all the difficulties they face in order to live a decent life in their land.


On Saturday morning, Aug. 5th 2017, the delegation met with a number of displaced families from Mosul and the Nineveh Plain, during which they briefed the delegation on the real picture of the forced displacement of our people by terrorist groups of ISIS since 2014.