Monday, April 10, 2017


On April 10th, 2017, the President of the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq, accompanied by Mrs. Shoushan Tower, the Administrative Board's member of the Assyrian Aid Society of Australia, inspected the implementation progress for the agricultural project to irrigate the lands on both sides of the two villages of Kashkawa and Belmand.


The project began in April 2017 by opening the road to the work area and digging the two canals (300 meters for the irrigation channel in the village of Kashkawa and 200 meters for the irrigation channel in the village of Belamand), followed by the work of spreading the crushed stone as the project has now reached the stage of casting the base.


It is worth mentioning that this project is being implemented with the support of Christian Aid for the importance of the two villages after suffering from the old irrigation channels that were affected by the rains and waterfalls, which required a lot of hard work and the large costs for the process of reopening.