Friday, March 31, 2017


With the support of the Assyrian Aid Society of America and the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq, the 10th David Narsai Mini Football Championship was launched on Wednesday Mar. 15th 2017 with the participation of 30 teams from different regions of Dohuk governorate.


The tournament concluded on Friday, Mar. 31st 2017 with the qualification of the Ashur & Eyateh teams for the final, which was attended by President of AASI, Mr. Ashur Eskrya, Ms. Aileen Gewargis Secretary of the Chaldo Assyrian Students and Youth Union, Ms. Shoushan Tower, member of the Administrative Committee of the Assyrian Aid Society of Australia, Mr. Yacoub Gewargis Member of KRG Parliament, Mr. Ninos Odisho, Member of Dohuk Provincial Council, Mr. Sheba Mando, President of the Assyrian National Council in Illinois, Mr. Ninos Ternian, Manager of ANB SAT, Mr. Roni Hekmat, Representative of the Assyrian Cultural Center in Dohuk and Ms. Bahija Nisho Secretary of the Assyrian Women Union with attendance of the our people from the diaspora and homeland. The win was to Ashur team (4-0), and at the end of tournament’s ceremony, the cup and prizes were distributed to the winning teams.