Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Since its launch in August 2015 the mobile clinic of the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq and with continuous support from the Assyrians Without Borders in Sweden to provide medical aid to our peoples' villages and for the displaced families from Mosul and Nineveh Plain whom have been living in the villages of Dohuk province, where the mobile medical clinic implemented (108) visit to these villages through 2016 conducted in which medical examination and provided the necessary medicines for more than (5800) patients, including chronic disease treatment drugs.


Today, it is entering 2017 with more loving and tender to alleviate the suffering of our people, especially displaced from medical and health needs, which included field visits to medical mobile clinic for the month of January 2017 in nine areas in Dohuk province and the Nineveh Plain included (Alqosh town, the apartment complex of Acero in Dohuk, Sourka, Balijani, Bablo, Romta, Bagirat, Acero camp and Odrana camp in Shiyoz), which the team gave the necessary medical treatment and medicines, including drugs for chronic diseases, where the number of beneficiaries reached to (613) patients.