Sunday, January 22, 2017


On January 22, 2017 Mr. Sargon Shabbas; Member of the administrative body of the Assyrian aid Society in the United States of America visited Odrana refugee camp that is being administrated by the AASI, in Sheyuz. He was greeted by Mr. Dandar William; Manager of the Camp. He was given a tour in the camp to visit and talk to the IDPs who reside in the camp and he listened to the residents stories and problems and suggestions about improving their living conditions inside the camp.


In the Same day, Mr. Shabbas met members of the Chaldo Assyrian youth union. He listened to explanations about the activities of the union to serve our youth ad students and the difficulties they face in their work.


Also, he visited Akito Primary Assyrian School; which is one of the primary schools that teach in Syriac language in Dohuk province. He was accompanied by Mr. Napoleon Yousif who in in charge of the Assyrian education program at the AASI and Mr. Petrous Esho who is in charge of the relief and humanitarian affairs at the AASI. He listened to explanations about the Assyrian Education Program; their needs and difficulties.