Thursday, June 2, 2016


for the Complementing of the former workshop that was setup by the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq in September 2015 with the support of the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE), the AASI held the advanced trauma healing groups workshop in Dilshad Palace hotel in Dohuk from May 28th – Jun. 2nd 2016, where the workshop was opened with attendance of (15) participants, the workshop addressed many of the important issues related to psychological problems that affect people under wars, disasters and daily incidents which are reflected in its effect on psychological problems, including the suffering of our people after two years of displacement from their areas after controlling the terrorists of (Daash) on Mosul and Nineveh plain; the daily activities of the workshop continued from 8 am – 5 pm, as the workshop were concluded with the attendance of Mr. Ashur Eskrya president of Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq, where certificates were distributed to the participants.