The most important aspect of our Society is the existence of similar societies around the world upon which we depend to carry out of our humanitarian and charity projects. From the very beginning there has been the Assyrian Aid Society of America (AAS-A) which was established at the same time as the formation of our Society in Homeland. One of its single most remarkable contributions was its working with the United States State Department and USAID to rebuild the destroyed villages. In addition, AAS-A has carried the full cost of constructing the dormitory departments for Nissibin secondary school, as well as so many other projects. We depend mainly on the monthly support of AAS-A in covering the teaching costs since 1992 and through to this very day.

After that, the Assyrian Aid Society of Canada (which originally was a branch of AAS-A) was established, followed by the establishment of AAS-Australia - NewZealand, and the establi