Sunday, August 1, 2021


      It is well known that most of the villages and towns of our people are located far from the main city centers and therefore health services are almost non-existent, and due to the distance, visiting doctors or health centers burdens families due to the high fees for examination and treatment as well as the high prices of medicines, and in honor of the memory of the late Obaleet Sargony, and with the support of the Assyrian Aid Society of America and the Obaleet Sargony Memorial Fund, the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq, through its mobile clinic, provided its medical services to our people by conducting (10) field visits for the month of July 2021, in which (779) individuals were examined and treated and providing them with appropriate treatment, as well as providing patients with the available treatments for chronic diseases, each according to his condition.

      The residents of these towns and villages expressed their thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed in providing this service, which saved them a lot of hardship and effort and the trouble of visiting the cities, as it eased their burdens financially.

      The Assyrian Aid Society will continue to provide its health services on an ongoing basis whenever appropriate support is available, in order to ensure the safety of our people everywhere in the homeland.