Monday, July 26, 2021


      The village of Gondi kosa is located in the north of Duhok governorate in Dosky region, to the east of the Khabur River, which is a rather remote  area.

      Most of its residents work in agriculture and livestock, but the irrigation water hardly fills their thirst, let alone watering their crops and livestock, and in order to support these families in maintaining their livelihoods. The Assyrian   Aid Society-Iraq, with the support of the Shlama Foundation and the Assyrian Aid Society of America, has implemented the project of extending a auxiliary water network that takes its water from the Khabur River to supply crops and livestock with the water, and to keep the first water network specific to the daily needs of the families living in the village, the project was initiated on July 18, 2021, and it is hoped that it will be completed soon.

      The residents of the village expressed their thanks and gratitude for this project and everyone who contributed to it, and it is hoped that the Assyrian Aid Society will implement the more diverse future activities in order to enhance and support the livelihoods of our people's families in their areas of residence.