Thursday, November 5, 2020


The reconstruction department of AAS-Iraq has started the work of constructing six houses for people of lower Chaqala village in Barwari Bala region in Duhok governorate, within the project of commemorating the late Dr. Rouel Georgis with the support of the Assyrian Aid Society of America (AASA) and the Assyrian Cultural Foundation (ACF).


Since October 2020, the first phase of the main works for the construction of six houses has been carried out, which included the completion of excavation work and leveling, and then preparing the necessary materials of steel, cement, sand and aggregates to carry out reinforcement works and casting the foundations with reinforced concrete according to the approved specifications for construction works, as well as the preparation of materials of concrete blocks, cement and sand to complete the construction works under the damp proof for all the six houses.


Thus, the excavation works began for septic tank and completion of the filling works for the building constructed under the damp block of the sixth houses. Therefore, ending of first main phase of the project, and the works will continue to complete the main structure of the houses depending on the weather conditions in the region as well as availability of the necessary support to complete the construction work over the moisture barrier and installing the formwork and continuing to work with steel reinforcement and casting with reinforced concrete.