Thursday, April 9, 2020


Within the activities of the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq, in light of the quarantine and curfew in Iraq and KRI, in implementation of the directives and decisions of the Government Crisis Cell as one of the preventive measures in order to limit the spread of Coronavirus (known as the pandemic COVID-19), and in order to contribute to reducing the suffering of people with low incomes, difficulty in obtaining food needs, stopping the economic and daily activities.


The Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq, with the support of the Assyrian Aid Society of America, implemented a project of distributing humanitarian aid in several areas of the Semele district in Duhok Governorate, where AASI distributed (200) food basket in Semele district and villages of Shiyoz, Sorka, Mesirek, on April 8th & 9th 2020, the AASI took the necessary measures according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the directions of the government crisis cell, including the procedures and preventing gatherings during the distribution of aid to homes in the targeted areas.


This initiative comes within the AASI’s initiative to provide support and humanitarian aid to our people. The AASI also hopes to provide possible assistance to all regions of our people’s existence in the future.