Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq participated in the work of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at its seventeenth session, held at United Nations Headquarters in New York from April 16th – 27th 2018, represented by Ms. Shushan Tower of the Assyrian Aid Society of Australia, with a wide participation of indigenous representatives, representatives of international organizations and representatives Member States of the United Nations.


During this week, the Assyrian Aid Society delivered a speech at the Permanent Forum to discuss the issues of the various indigenous peoples. The AAS succeeded in delivering the voice of our people at the United Nations, which included recommendations to speed the process of rebuilding Assyrian Christians homes and to increase allocated resources in region, increase confidence for the Indigenous Peoples the Assyrian Christians for their return to their homes in the region, increase financial support and resources allocated to these areas, and increase confidence among indigenous peoples, especially Christian Assyrians, to facilitate their return to their homes in areas where, As well as the protection, preserving and restoring of the Assyrian archaeological sites, and to initiate the organization of the legal process to restore land that has been seized and confiscated of the indigenous people in different areas of their lands.


The AAS will continue its efforts to work closely with the permanent forum members in the coming period to give a clearer picture of the situation of our people in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq.