Saturday, March 31, 2018


More than 1,000 citizens of Mosul city celebrated the anniversary of the arrival of the Assyrian Babylonian new year also known as AKITU at Adad Gate, which was destroyed by the ISIS Organization in 2015.


The initiative came through the Gilgamesh Center for Antiquities and Heritage Protection represented by its president Dr. Faisal Jeber and with the support of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council headed by Ms. Juliana Timoorazy from the United States of America and with attendance of the President of the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq Mr. Ashur Eskrya and the director of the Assyrian Aid Society of Chicago chapter, as well as a number of members of the Assyrian Democratic Movement and representatives of several civil society organizations in Mosul.


Where the event included the launch of a thousand of sky lanterns to light the sky of Nineveh, celebrating the start of the year 6768 Babylonian Assyrian, This initiative and the celebration of the new year represented an important opportunity to send a message to the people of the city of Mosul, especially the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian component that their brothers in the city of Mosul in solidarity with them in their celebrations and wish the return of the displaced to their historic city, where they lived for hundreds of years in peace and harmony, And comes the choice of the gate of the destroyer as an appeal to the government to undertake the reconstruction of these historic cities and rehabilitation to restore the city of Mosul to its former after folding page advocated suicide in the summer of last year, Related.


Choosing the destroyed site of Adad Gate for holding the celebration came as an appeal to the government to undertake the reconstruction and rehabilitate of historic cities and to restore the city of Mosul to the past after folding the page of ISIS after been defeated in the summer of last year, the celebration also witnessed the launch of fireworks on this occasion.