The Gulf War, international sanctions, the uprising in north, and the neglect of the Saddam's regime severely affected the region's economy. The hardest hit the poor families. It was very difficult for the secondary graduates to continue their university studying, especially for those students who lived far away from the cities with universities.

Therefore, the Assyrian Aid Society of Iraq accommodated these students in Erbil, Dohuk, and has been recently able to build dormitories for the students to accommodate more than 100 students, after 2003 the number of the student has been increased because of the displaced people so the AASI supported those university students to accommodate them Zakho, Erbil, Dohuk and Baghdad, where in Baghdad there are currently more than 65 students in the dormitories supported by  the AASI in coordination with the Chaldoassyrian Students and Youth Union in Baghdad for the Assyrian Language students / University of Baghdad / College of Languages ​​/ Department of the Assyrian Language.