Friday, February 10, 2012 - 12:45


The Assyrian Aid Society distributed stationery to many centers of Christian education in the villages (Malabrwan, Hazarjut, Nahawa, Banasour and Aqra) on 02/10/2012, and during the distribution process, a meeting was held between President of the AASI, Mr. Ashur Sargon, and the Father Yohanna Essa in the village Malabrwan, Where during the meeting they discussed the main activities of these educational centers and their role in spreading the awareness and religious culture and education of the Assyrian language for our people.


Thereafter the Assyrian Aid Society delegation visited the Assyrian Democratic Movement office in Aqrah, where received by Mr. Aoger Awrahem, and the meeting was attended by a number of cadres of the ADM office and as well as members of the Assyrian Aid Society (Napoleon Yousif, William Isho and Younan Lazar.